Raising Fido

How To Raise A Calm And Happy Dog

An easy-to-read e-book giving you insight into the mind and needs of your new fur-friend 

Raising a calm and happy dog isn’t as easy as we’d like to think. We have a very cute little baby come into our world which is hard enough when he’s of the same species. Our new pup, however, has a whole different way of communicating, different ways of engaging and different needs to what we often expect.

We shower our pups with love (which they deserve) but often inadvertently create a co-dependent relationship with them whereby being away from us (or us being away from them) can quite literally be impossible without distress.

This e-book guides you from before you even bring your new pup home, through to understanding your new fur-friend and guiding his behaviours, training him and playing with him. You want him ‘for keeps’ and we want to help you with that.

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